In other baseball news, Kim Ng, our Dodgers #2, became #1 when Derek Jeter hired her as the first female and first Asian to be a General Manager for Major League Baseball. She is probably the most overqualified person hired for that job.

11.07.20. Kamala made history. I voted for her twice, so casting my vote a third time for the first female, black and South Asian Vice President was thrilling.

10.27.20. LOS ANGELES DODGERS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!! After rooting for this team since 1993, when I moved to LA, they FINALLY win the whole frickin’ thing… Manager Dave Roberts becomes the first Major League Baseball manager of Asian descent (his mom is from Okinawa).

10.17.20. BTS HITS HARD. I am not a boy band fangirl. K-Pop is not my thing, even though I’m Korean. But I do love a great pop song. (What else are we gonna dance/workout to?) So, Dynamite and their Savage Love collab with Jason Derulo has turned me. They went 1 and 2 on Billboard this week. Huge boundary breaking success. Congrats to them!