Tree in our yard, by my little guy.

I started this blog to support my podcast, Asian Fail with Angie Suh. I went to film school

at Columbia College, Chicago. I was a Disney Fellowship Semifinalist with my first feature

script and won the CAPE New Writers Award for Television. I changed course and

went to fashion school and worked as an Assistant Designer at Levi’s and Dockers for

a bit (got a “real” job). I got married and had a baby (talk about a “real” job!), then went

back to school when my son got older to study digital media so I could podcast and make

short films. So, I’m basically where I started. Total Asian Fail.

Right now, I produce a movie review show, and a DJ set on my college radio station. I launched

my podcast August 2, 2020. The pandemic has thrust Asians in the spotlight, for better or worse,

mostly worse. I wanted to put something out there that shows people that Asians are not what you

may think; perfect, high-achieving, obedient robots. Some of us are not whatever you think

high-achieving is, or obedient robots. Some of us took a different path.

I interview Asians in the creative arts, mental and physical healthcare, do some tv/movie reviews,

and whatever strikes my fancy.

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